HVCRC Smart Conductor

Strongest, Lightest and Most Efficient Transmission Conductor in the World. This enhanced product allows for increased transmission capacity of up to 2 times that of traditional lines, while lowering line losses, limiting sag and requiring less infrastructure costs to deliver more.

Messenger Support System

Messenger Support System (MSS) is a composite-reinforced external support system for transmission conductors.


Mercury Cable International has developed a full line of products including dead-ends, splices and joints.



With more than 10 years of research and development from the industry’s leading engineers and scientists, Mercury Cable International has developed the next-generation transmission lines for the Smart Grid, allowing providers to serve more people, without fail.

Strongest, Lightest and Most Efficient Transmission Conductor in the World
Reduced Sag
Lower Resistance & Greater Ampacity
Tensile and Flexural Strength
Cost Efficiency
Global Energy Partners Choose Mercury Cable International for HVCRC
We Think Green

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Mercury Cable International Expands its Global HVCRC Conductor Business

Rarotonga, Cook Islands, November 21, 2017- Mercury Cable International is providing this announcement and update for its international partners and customers worldwide. Mercury Cable International is the exclusive worldwide licensee of HVCRC technology except for the markets in the United States and Canada. The owner of the HVCRC Patents (worldwide) has recently certified to Mercury […]

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