Mercury Cable International Expands its Global HVCRC Conductor Business

Rarotonga, Cook Islands, November 21, 2017- Mercury Cable International is providing this announcement and update for its international partners and customers worldwide.

Mercury Cable International is the exclusive worldwide licensee of HVCRC technology except for the markets in the United States and Canada. The owner of the HVCRC Patents (worldwide) has recently certified to Mercury Cable International that, subject to the license agreement between the parties, the license is in good standing and valid for the life of the Patents.

The HVCRC Patent Owner has further notified Mercury Cable International that the license granted to Mercury Cable USA for the United States and Canada has expired. As a result of the expiration of its license, Mercury Cable & Energy USA has notified the Patent Owner and Mercury Cable International that it has elected to wind down and conclude its business operations. As part of this wind down and conclusion, Mercury Cable USA has entered into a stipulated settlement with CTC Global to end the 9 years of patent litigation. The settlement offered no payment or award for damages of any kind and there was no Court ruling on whether the CTC Global U.S. patents are valid or invalid. Rather, the settlement represented only an agreement between the parties to end the litigation in view of the fact that Mercury Cable USA was ending its business operations and consequently there was no reason to continue the U.S. lawsuit.

Mercury Cable International has confirmed with its legal counsel that the Stipulated Settlement affected only the parties to the Settlement and that there was no ruling of fact or law by the Court regarding the validity or invalidity of the ACCC patents or the alleged CTC fraud on the U.S. Patent Office. Therefore Mercury Cable International and its partners are not bound in any way by the actions of Mercury Cable USA or its settlement.

Mercury Cable International will be sending representatives in January to meet in person and discuss any questions our Global Partners and/or Utility customers would like addressed.

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